Wednesday, October 15, 2014

yo gabba gabba

Last night we took the boys to their first concert. 

I made the mistake of telling them about it when we purchased the tickets. A month ago. And Cooper has asked Every. Single. Morning. if it was the big day.  Needless to say, he was a bit excited. 

I told him we had to wait for the tickets to arrive in the mail before we could go. I actually had to just print out the Groupon, but he was satisfied with checking the mailbox everyday. :)

I used my awful art skills to draw up this:

and stuck it in our mailbox with the tickets inside on the big day. I recorded a super cute video of them finding it, but of course my phone crashed right at the end and lost it. :(  But trust me, the smiles and Coop's happy dance were priceless. The memory is at least etched on my Mama heart. :)

Coop asked about every 5 minutes on our way to the show if we were really finally going to "Gabba Gabba Live?!"  

And all the hype was worth it. 

The boys sang and danced and giggled. They clapped for their favorite characters (Muno!  DJ Lance!). And they both got their little faces up on the big screen:

It was amazing. Mostly because there isn't a whole lot that Coop gets to do that he really, truly gets excited about. He is sick so many days of his little life.  He misses birthday parties and school field trips. We cancel play dates and miss family get-togethers.  He gets overwhelmed with crowds and noise and usually just ends up asking to go home. 

So, for last night to go off without a hitch, for Coop to LOVE it and ask on our way out for "Elmo live please?"  Well, Dave and I agreed it was money we would spend again and again and again. 

Thanks Yo Gabba for putting smiles on all our faces. Even Dave enjoyed shaking his booty when Biz Markie busted out his beat of the day and Dave's old jam, "Let Me Clear My Throat". ;) (and if you understand that sentence,you definitely have children. Ha!)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

take me out to the ball game. or not.

Last night we went to our first baseball game as a family. It was the first time the boys had been, and only the second time for Grace. They were SO excited. 

Well, Liam and Grace were. Coop has had a few rough weeks with illness, so he was asking for 'home' and 'iPad' and 'no game please' the entire way there.  We knew it could end up being a huge flop, but since he wasn't horribly ill, and we had been generously given the tickets from Spare Key (an awesome organization who paid our mortgage for a month when Coop was inpatient with heart surgery) we really wanted to go make an appearance!  So we told Coop he had to take one for the team and went for it.  (And loaded him up on Tylenol and Ibuprofen to hedge our bets.)

Thankfully our friend offered their kid-sized noise canceling headphones (as well as all their Twins gear!) right as we were heading out of town. I don't think we would have lasted 2 minutes without them!  The loud noise and music before we even got inside the stadium was enough to put Coop on edge. The fireworks during the Star-Spangled Banner would have sent us home for sure if we hadn't had them on his ears. (We ordered two of our own pairs on the ride home.) 

It was a chilly night, so truthfully, once we got in our seats both boys were already asking to go home.  Not exactly the reaction we were looking for.  We tried to distract them with $60 worth of snacks and treats (holy cripes) but in the end we only lasted an hour. 

So it was kind of a bust. The pictures make it look a lot more fun than it actually was. Ha!  But there were moments of fun in the middle of mostly miserable. ;) Liam freaked (in a good way :)) the minute he saw the field. Coop got the pic above on the Jumbotron. And Grace devoured her favorite ball game treat, a gigantic hot dog.

And we chalked it up to a chilly night and the boys being a bit too young to 'get it'. We will try again next year!  #gotwins!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

liam lines #4

Liam: Mom, do you know where the bakery is?
Mom: No but Dad does.
Liam: Yep, my Dad knows. Cause he's a really excellent finder.

Do you smell that horrible sound?

After Coop finished his homework:
Liam: Wow!  You're cracking me up in my BRAIN!

I told Liam he could have chocolate milk before bed. Dave disagreed.
Dave: He shouldn't be having that before bed. It's all sugar.
Liam: (whispering giggle) Mom, but I like sugar.

Let's snuggle together. So we can have dreams in our hearts.

After Dave and I got back from vacation we were giving the kids a few souvenirs:
Dave: We were trying to pick a good shirt for you.
Liam: But you didn't?  So you just got me this one?

When I was 3 I never knew myself.

Dave: Cooper, you need to use your words.
Liam: It's ok buddy. You just need to work it out!

Liam from his bed:
Is someone eating CHIPS?!  I hear that munching.  If I come out there and see someone munching, you are going to sleep in my bed for the whole night. That's the deal.

Hey Mom, I'm going to put Cooper's doughnuts in my room for the night so they can be safe.

My butt smells like farts. Yours smells like flowers and princesses.

Dave: What time is it?
Liam: 36 I think. Or maybe it's 37.

While showing him houses we were looking at online:
Oh wow, look at that kitchen. It looks really appetizing.

Mom: Do you want some mango?
Liam: No, I don't like flamingo.

Dad. Do you know what water mixed with skittles taste like?  Skittles water. And it tastes really bad for my health.

When it's my cat's birthday, do I blow the candles out for him?

You know what I saw?  Lightning. So I ran into your room really fast, just like the gingerbread man.

Dad, you're getting really big and old. 

Mom, let me kiss you!  I promise I won't put my tongue in your mouth.

While at a friend's house: 
Liam: I'm going to poop, then you're going to wipe my butt.

Why do dogs have butt circles and people have butt cracks?

*Heard from the bathroom after he finished peeing*
Liam: Atta boy!

Friday, September 5, 2014


We may have lost our minds. In a fit of "we will promise you anything to get you to eat and drink and get out of this hospital" we told Coop we were getting a dog.  

We had been researching dogs and dreaming of getting one for quite a while. Well, I had been anyways. Dragging Dave grudgingly along with me. ;)

But after the unexpectedly long hospital stay for Coop (new pacemaker battery with an unplanned new lead change as well) we took the plunge when we saw this adorable little face online:

His first official mug shot. Isn't he cute?!  One meet-n-greet, a house visit, and he was ours. These rescue places aren't messing around!  They make sure their pups are going to good homes, and somehow we made the grade. ;)

The kids are loving him up and we are quickly remembering a puppy is no small job. Thank goodness for wood floors and baby gates and lots and lots of paper towels. 

Welcome to your new home little Olaf. We hope you like lots of noise, we promise to balance it out with lots of love. :)

Friday, August 22, 2014


When we arrived home from Coop's pacemaker surgery, Liam and Grace met us at the door for hugs and excited hellos. They were SO happy to see us and their big/little brother. :) 

Gracie is a veteran of this type of thing. I know she worries, but she also trusts us to always tell her the truth. And when we tell her this is a small surgery and Coop will do great and be home quick, she seems to relax a bit and go about her day.  

To Liam this is new. Coop's last 'big' surgery was before he was born.  So Liam was full of questions. Worried about his big brother. Wondering how they got his pacemaker in and out. Asking us why Cooper's heart needs a battery and if his will when he gets big too.  And curious to see Coop's owie. 

Later that day Liam wandered into our bedroom to climb up in bed with Coop. And all on his own he pulled up his pants leg to show Coop his scar on his knee. To tell Coop all about how he fell on the driveway. That he had a band-aid too.  That it hurt, but soon it was all better and it didn't hurt anymore. And that Coop's owie would feel better soon too.  And even though Cooper pretended to not listen, Liam knew he was.  Later in the day Liam quietly held Coop's hand while I tried to talk him into taking his meds. And his excited, quiet, I-don't-dare-move-a-muscle smile when Coop threw his arm over Liam's shoulder for a squeeze...  Right now, that is enough for him. He is helping his big brother through his pain the best way he knows how, and my own heart explodes with love for his little 4-year-old sweetness. 

I'm not sure why Cooper has gone through so many trials in his little life.  Why he has endured so many painful and scary things.  But I do know there are good things that come from even the hardest days. How we are reminded to be thankful for what we have. To be empathetic to others. And how having someone in our life to care for with extra special needs, makes us extra special people.  Not in a 'we are better than everyone' kind of way. But in a 'our own lives are enriched and enlarged' kind of way.  

We would take away Coop's Crohn's disease and heart issues in a [pacemaker generated] heartbeat. But because we can't, we will love and pray him through it. And continue to count our blessings. 

Thank you for praying our little Coop through this latest hurdle with us. We are so happy to be home again. With a brand new pacemaker that will keep Coop's sweet heart ticking for many many more years.